Summer Camps! 

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Artists of the Forest: (2019 dates TBA) Nature is full of endless inspiration for the artist in all of us. This week’s camp will focus on art projects that relate to the natural world. Using natural materials and several different mediums, we will explore the forest and our connection to it.

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Edible and Medicinal Plants: (2019 dates TBA) Have you ever tasted a dandelion leaf? Did you know pine-needle tea is chock-full of vitamin C? In our edible and medicinal plant camp, we will learn about the many uses of local plants. We will make a natural “medicine kit” to take home, featuring many of the plants that we learned about.

Earth Stewards: (2019 dates TBA) We all understand the importance of caring for the earth, though many people do not know what they can do to help. This week, campers will learn a variety of kid-friendly projects to help take care of the our world. We will have lots of fun while engaging in projects around the park, and many of these projects can be used in your own garden, too!

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Survival Skills: (2019 dates TBA) Have you ever wondered if you could survive in the forest? What would you eat? Where would you sleep? How would you stay warm? We will answer these questions and more in our survival skills camp! We will use hands-on-learning to gain understanding and experience with the skills needed to survive in the wild.

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A Little Bird Told Me: (2019 dates TBA) The birds tell us all kinds of things about what is happening around us. When they sing, they tell us that things are calm and peaceful. When they alarm, they tell us there may be a predator around. In this camp, kids will learn how to tell what a bird is saying, and how to use that information to connect more deeply to nature.

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Treasure Maps: (2019 dates TBA) Maps offer us an incredible resource for learning more about where we are. This camp will offer opportunity to follow maps, use a compass, and make maps of your own through a variety of activities and challenges – including a treasure hunt!

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Woodland Adventure Camp is offered during the weeks that have no themed camps. These include June 4-8, 11-15, 18-22, July 9-13, and August 20-24 and 27-31. Woodland Adventure camps are a fun blend of all of our curriculum. Each week is a new experience, filled with exploration, discovery, and of course, tons of FUN!


All camps run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Woodland Park. Cost is $300 per week, with a $15 materials fee for themed camps.

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