Pebbles (~4+)

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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The Pebbles program is an educational enrichment program designed for four to six year old students. We spend our days immersed in learning through play. The great outdoors provide an exceptional habitat for learning. The changing seasons and the beauty of nature inspire the curriculum of our Pebbles program, which includes seasonal festivals and feasts, imaginative activities, stories, songs, and of course, outdoor play! Children in our pebbles program enjoy our approach to learning, which is hands on….and feet..…and ears……and noses….. We explore with all of our senses. Tasting edible plants, listening to the birds, smelling the difference between the seasons, using our bodies to climb and jump, but also to very gently pet a caterpillar. When learning is this engaging and fun, you know it will have lasting effects. 

Students in the Pebbles program are served a healthy vegetarian snack and lunch. Our meals always include a healthy grain, fresh vegetables, cheese, olives, nuts and fruit. A few times a year, we celebrate the season through wild edible feasts! Because our students enjoy eating together, they fill up on our selection of healthy options. Our students will eat handfulls of raw kale, simply because eating “Leaves” is fun when everyone is doing it! 

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