Afternoon Enrichment

Roots of Connection Afternoon Enrichment:

Roots of Connection offers Afternoon Enrichment for homeschoolers Monday through Friday, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Join us at our beautiful schoolhouse where we will be playing in the garden, making art and music, playing nature games, cooking, and sewing, while always excercising our muscles of kindness, creativity, and curiosity. Each day, we share a healthy vegetarian snack, always featuring fresh vegetables, healthy grains, cheese, olives, and nuts… often featuring seasonal delights such as home baked bread with quince jam, pumpkin muffins, dandelion pancakes, and more! We also offer special homeschool units focused around fun and engaging topics. (Academic conferences and assistance with record-keeping offered to participants) See our schedule of homeschool units below. We strongly recommend continuity, but drop-ins are always welcome (Must register by 8 am on the day of session.)

Homeschool Units:

Sewing Class:

Tuesdays (5 week unit) 1-5 PM, Teacher: Emily

Our Sewing class is open to all experience levels! Students in this 5 week session will learn techniques of hand sewing, as well as machine sewing. This class is experiential, and project based. Kids will be working towards projects that they are excited to complete! Advanced sewing projects ARE available for older students, or those with prior sewing experience. We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity to learn a new skill in the company of friends.

Dates as follows:     11/7,     11/14,     11/21,     11/28,     12/5


Fridays, 1-5 PM, Teachers: Brooke + Emily

Join us for a chance to ROC n’ roll! In this joy centered music class, students will participate in rehearsal style musical practice and experimentation. Through games and playful learning activities, students will have a chance to try out a variety of musical instruments, and play along as a member of the band! Open to musicians of any (or no) experience level, we aim to have fun, build community, and develop a sense of joy and excitement around creating music. For your bold singer, your eager percussionist, your savy musician, or your born performer, send your child to this music program if you want them to come home tapping their toes! 

Every Friday!

Art Class:

Mondays and Wednesdays, 1-5 PM, Teachers: Melissa + Emily

Students in our art program explore a variety of art forms to express themselves. Valuing process over product, our teachers encourage learners to try new things and expand their capabilities. Experienced artist Melissa Koch leads our art program and brings with her a wealth of activities and projects to bring out the artist within each student. 

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