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The Wonder of the Wander:

We take a lot of group “adventures” at Roots of Connection. When we journey through the park, we often discover animals or their signs, plants in different stages, or mysteries that beg to be solved. We don’t only approach learning in this way because it is fun…though it is; we learn this way because we draw on the natural curiosity of the students. This keeps learning exciting and memorable.

Project Based Learning: 

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Whether it be a building project, a science project, a gardening project, or a group challenge, much of the learning at Roots of Connection is project based. As a group. we work together to accomplish our goals. This style of learning creates an environment that is supportive of learners at all stages, and invites everyone to help support each other’s learning. When we work together, we can create great things. Each year we build a shelter, requiring eveyone’s involvement to complete. Our Wren Watchers program will be working as a group to complete environmental science projects throughout the year. 

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Shared Mealtimes:

 At Roots of Connection, we share our mealtimes as a community- a feast of organic vegetables and fruits, healthy grains, grassfed cheese, nuts, and more. We share a table, and always enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes, the teachers tell or read a story - other times we have a facilitated discussion. Of course, sometimes, we purely enjoy conversation with friends. Our meals are influenced by the season, and sometimes made with wild edibles. We enjoy seasonal treats like Catkin and Dandelion Fritters, and Nettle Noodle soup. The students help to prepare these foods, and enjoy eating foods they gathered from the forest. We love to sit down and eat a nourishing meal after a long day of learning and play. 

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The land gives us so much: Excitement, enjoyment, fresh air, delicious berries, rocks to climb, sticks to build with, and a sense of peace- to name just a few things. At Roots of Connection, we have the pleasure of giving back to the earth, and learning as we do it. We have adopted a restoration site, that we lovingly named “The Wren Den.” As we care for the 47 native plants that we established, we learn more about each species, and the general ecology. Our continued involvement with the park is central to our curriculum, and the students are proud to be forest protectors. Knowing that they are helping the plants and animals is a motivator for the kids to learn. 

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