Homeschool FAQ

What does it mean that Roots of Connection is a Homeschool Enrichment Program? If you are new to the idea of homeschooling, it might sound daunting or overwhelming, particularly if you are just looking for a Preschool or Pre-K program. This section of the handbook is to inform you on what it really means to attend a homeschool enrichment program. Let's start by diving into homeschool laws in Washington.

I – Compulsory Attendance

RCW 28A.225.010 

   Compulsory attendance age in the state of Washington is 8 years old OR the age at which a child is officially enrolled in public school.

   If a child is under 8 and has been officially enrolled in public school, the parent must formally withdraw the child. RCW 28A.225.015 However, we do not file a declaration of intent for children under age 8.

The Home-Based Instruction law affects children 8 years old and older.


This means that any child under 8 needn’t have any paperwork filed to declare homeschooling status, as long as they haven’t already been enrolled in public school. If they are over 8, parents are responsible for filing a bit of paperwork, as well as tracking student learning and keeping records. For more information, visit the Washington Homeschool Organization, who have complete resources available for homeschool families.

Many of our students are under 8 years old – so what does this mean for them? Though this is an enrichment program, we provide a complete preschool and pre-K curriculum measurable against the NAEYC Standards (National Assosiation for the Education of Young Children). So why, then, are we a homeschool program? This allows the parents to oversee their child’s education and have more control to ensure it fits your family’s need. This allows us to give you free choice. How many days a week would you like to attend? How long of a day is appropriate for your student and your family? By attending a homeschool enrichment program, you are assuming complete control of your child’s educational journey.


Roots of Connection provides resources for homeschool families of any age. Each quarter, we will be offering curriculum conferences to provide parents with resources for documentation of your student’s learning. During these conferences, we will go over specific activities your child has completed at school, and which educational standards they meet. Record keeping for your child is important whether you continue homeschooling as they get older, or send them to kindergarten when they are 5. We want to ensure you have everything you need to keep great records. For older homeschoolers, these curriculum conferences will be particularly useful. (Wren Watchers)


If your child is approaching school-age and you want to keep them at Roots of Connection, but don’t have the resources to be your child’s teacher, consider alternative options, such as k-12 online education, which is a tuition free online homeschool program. Your child is enrolled in a public school program, but they have the schedule flexibility to attend programs like ROC to enrich their education. This option is works for many families, as there are teachers overseeing your student’s progress and making sure they are up to grade level so that transitions to any other school are smooth.

Homeschool Enrichment FAQ:

·      I only plan to enroll my student in Roots of Connection for Preschool/Pre-K. Will their transition to Kindergarten be the same as if I had sent them to a “regular” preschool?

Yes! Many people use ROC as their only preschool education, and transition excellently to kindergarten. Because ROC students have such strong social and emotional development, they enter school with great readiness to take on new academic challenges.


·      Homeschooling sounds like a lot of extra work – I just want to send my kid to preschool!

Homeschooling carries a lot of responsibility. Particularly as your student grows and is ready for more complex curriculum, homeschooling presents unique challenges to parent-educators. For children in the 4-6 age bracket, you are in luck because our program aligns with the NAEYC standards. By sending them to ROC, you can be assured that they are achieving a complete preschool education. By homeschooling, you are taking on the responsibility of overseeing their education – in this case, you can oversee their education by picking a program that meets your needs. (This is not to say that we endorse minimal involvement. It has been proven again and again that children have much higher rates of success of their parents are involved in their education by asking questions, helping with homework, volunteering at the school, or meeting with the teacher to discuss progress.)


·      Can my child attend another preschool even though we are enrolled in a homeschool program?

Yes! There are no restrictions about joining other programs. Many people attend ROC for half of the week, and another preschool the other half of the week. This is a common practice, and no preschool will turn you away for attending a homeschool program or identifying as homeschoolers.


·      I have an older homeschooler and am concerned about record keeping to ensure my student can transfer into middle school in a few years. What do I need to know?

The Homeschool Law in Washington states:

IV – Required Subjects

RCW 28A.225.010 (4)

·       The 11 required subjects need to be included in your curriculum.

·       The 11 required subjects are reading, writing, spelling, language, math, science, social studies, history, health, occupational education, and art and music appreciation.

·       These do not have to be taught separately. A unit study on frogs could include reading, writing, spelling, science, math, art and occupational education.


We keep track of our projects and activities, and break them down into individual subject areas and educational standards met. ROC offers curriculum conferences to parents so that we can give you specific information about your student’s participation and the subjects and standards they have covered most heavily.

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