Stewardship at Woodland Park

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Students using a spherical densiometer to read canopy cover, helping us decide where to plant trees so they get the most light.

We have been fortunate at Roots of Connection to have an excellent relationship with Park Staff, who have given us guidance and support in adopting two restoration sites. Our sites are named the Wren Den, and the Flicker Forest. 

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The Wren Den was our first restoration site, with 47 plants. When “Gardener Kevin,” first invited us to plant some native species, we rejoiced at the opportunity. He explained to the students that understory habitat is imperative for local bird species such as the Pacific Wren. Hence, we named the site, the Wren Den, in hopes that it would create more habitat for Wrens and other ground-nesting species. (As well as those who rely on understory for safe feeding habitat, etc.)

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Our dreams came true, as we observed many species visiting our restoration site. In the Fall of 2017 we planted our second restoration site, the Flicker Forest. Since then, we have been keeping a running list of species that we have observed. (List provided at bottom of page). 

Our students participate in several Citizen Science initiatives, such as Project Bud-Burst, The Great Backyard Bird Count, and even our own environmental monitoring projects such as leaf litter counts, canopy surveys, and more. We never stop looking for ways that we can help the forest, and learn while doing so!

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Before and After Photos:   Top, October of 2017. Bottom, June 2018. 

Birds We’ve Observed in the Flicker Forest:

(Keep in mind these birds have been spotted in a patch of woods that is about a half acre, where children play every single day…) 

·      Coopers Hawk

·      Black Capped Chickadee

·      Chesnut Backed Chickadee

·      Dark Eyed Junco

·      Bald Eagle

·      Osprey

·      Pacific Wren

·      Annas Hummingbird

·      American Robin

·      Northern Flicker

·      Pileated Woodpecker

·      Hairy Woodpecker

·      Golden Crowned Kinglet

·      American Crow

·      Brown Creeper

·      Stellars Jay

·      Spotted Towhee

·      Red Breasted Nuthatch

·      Barred Owl

·      Swallow

·      Western Tanager

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