Welcome to Roots of Connection! 

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Deep in the woodlands of the city of Seattle, lives a little school, called Roots of Connection. The students who attend this school are filled with curiosity about nature, and spend their days learning with all of their senses…

They follow the tracks and signs of animals. They observe the growth and changes of the plants around them. They taste the edible plants, and learn to avoid the poisonous ones. They build shelters. They watch coots and mergansers, the chickadees and the tanagers, and carefully approach great blue herons. 

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Not only do they observe and learn from the forest; they are part of the forest. This little school proudly adopted two restoration sites, and planted over 100 native plants. They have worked hard to build trails, keep the plants watered, and tend the land. They lovingly named these new sites, “The Wren Den,” and the “Flicker Forest."

Most importantly, the students of this little school are filled with compassion and empathy for one another. They take care of the needs of each individual, and respect each other and the natural world around them. 

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Roots of Connection takes place in Woodland Park, and our nearby schoolhouse. 

Our program is growing, and we have a variety of new offerings. Whether you join us all five days a week, or when your school is closed on a weekday, you can always get involved with our programs. We invite you to look around this site, and contact us if you have any questions! 

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